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It’s become a serious and prevalent topic in the media today. It seems each week we learn something new about toxic chemicals being found in our water. The fact of the matter is, toxic traces of chemicals can be found in most tap water. Some of these toxins cannot be captured with generic over the counter filters. These elements require specific technology to remove them from our drinking water. States have safe levels of many toxic chemicals and they enforce these standards. However, they don’t test the water at our taps, they test the water before it travels through the miles and miles of pipe leading to our taps.

In Birmingham, Michigan, lead levels were recently found to be in excess of state required limits.

A quick study showed that, after implementing new statewide standards for lead levels in drinking and cleaning water, 5 out of every 32 homes was found to have amounts that exceeded what the state had deemed the highest safe limit. In response, the local government is giving out clean water and free filtering systems, but what do you do when you find you have lead in your water?

There are ways to deal with lead in your water when your local government has oversight on safe levels. Here are some things to know…

Safe Levels

Michigan updated its laws around drinking water last year to implement much stricter review processes and acceptable levels of lead in drinking water. Across the board, the US standard for safe lead levels in water is 10 micrograms of lead per deciliter of water. Of the 9,000 people in Birmingham, 550 of those homes use lead service lines to get their water.

What Can Happen?

Lead poisoning is a real. It is not something that happens at once with a giant gulp of water, but continued exposure to lead will cause it to build up over years in your body. It is particularly dangerous for children to be overexposed to lead which can cause physical and mental developmental delays. Abdominal pain, fatigue, irritability, learning difficulties, vomiting, and developmental delays can all be signs of lead poisoning which may have come from the water your children drink.


Lead isn’t the only heavy metal found in our drinking water. So just protecting your tap water against lead might leave your water susceptible to other heavy metals, including copper. The best way to treat your drinking water is to treat it with reverse osmosis technology. Reverse Osmosis is the most universally accepted form of water purification.

Can I Test My Own Water?

Yes. There are plenty of do it yourself lead level testing kits. You can get them at home improvement stores, online, or at local EPA certified labs that offer services.

Don’t fall victim to toxins in your water. Take the steps necessary to find out if your home or office is at risk and protect your family and co-workers with technology that all but guarantees fresh, clean, pure drinking water.

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