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If you have never heard of bottleless water coolers, then you’re not drinking your water the right way.

Bottleless water coolers are exactly what they sound like. They use a reverse osmosis filtration system and connect to any already existing water pipeline, for a continuous supply of water.

Bottleless water coolers have made water delivery services obsolete, and truthfully, no one is mad about it.

That’s because businesses are always looking for ways to cut back their expenses, and water can be a surprisingly significant factor. If you’re workplace is considering ditching water delivery and switching to bottleless water coolers, cost-effectiveness is only the first of several benefits.

More sanitary

If you could drink cleaner, healthier, water with less bacteria- wouldn’t you?

Most people don’t know that their plastic water bottles are highly susceptible to the Norovirus which causes diarrhea and vomiting, due to its exposed cap. On the other hand, bottleless water coolers use state-of-the-art technology to eliminate bacteria before it ever reaches your cup.

Sure, you’re bound to have a few sick days due to other things, but when most businesses lose about $225.8 billion in revenue due to decreases productivity; we’re pretty sure they’ll try to cut back on their losses as much as possible.

Better taste

Bacteria aside, this naturally leaves your water tasting better, but this isn’t the only reason bottleless water coolers have a better taste. With a high-quality filtration system that filters your water before every pour- the result is cleaner, crisper, and fresher water. Water delivery systems that refill plastic bottles are actually more susceptible to chemicals, such as those absorbed through UV rays.

Low maintenance

So, you’ve cut back on the delivery guy, which clearly makes life more convenient, but truly a bottleless water cooler is as simple and low maintenance as it can get. Michigan Clear Water maintains your bottleless water cooler for you via regular scheduled service visits.

Once the system is plugged in, you are done. No more worrying about which day water delivery is, lugging all those huge bottles around, or going a few days without any water. In the case that you may need service, Michigan Clear Water provides same day and next day service, just call and speak with a live dispatcher.

Reduced pollution

Like everything else, your water should also be environmentally friendly- we only get one world to live in, right?

Not only do bottleless water coolers cut back on the 8 million tons of plastic that end up in the world’s oceans, but they reduce pollution in other areas as well.

We know we said this one before businesses may spend up to $18.5 billion per year on bottled water. Think about the delivery trucks that haul water; no more gas wasted, no more exhaust polluted, and no more of those terrible carbon emissions.

In addition, these office water coolers are more energy efficient, reducing their carbon footprint by about 72% thanks to better filtration systems that your old plastic coolers just didn’t have. Bottleless water coolers are as eco-friendly as can be.

Michigan Clear Water is committed to the environment and a healthy workplace. We can help you pick the perfect water cooler for your office beginning with a Free 7 Day Trial. We service all industries so that having fresh, great tasting, healthy water is attainable in every workplace. Call us today to learn more about our bottleless water cooler services and why so many Michigan Companies are making the switch to go bottleless with Michigan Clear Water.