Where you get your water from in your office matters. The bottle water coolers are likely what you imagine when you think of water in the office and the classic gathering around the water cooler for chats in the morning. But those bottle water coolers could be a lot more harmful and wasteful than you might think.

Do you know the benefits of utilizing bottleless water coolers over bottled coolers? It may surprise you.

Between design and functionality, bottleless water coolers have a lot more going on for them than traditional bottled coolers. They’re modern designs, cost less to operate, are easier to maintain, and produce far less waste than traditional bottle coolers. You can make water access in your office easier and be consciousness of your environmental impact and spend at the same time.


The look of a bottle water cooler is clunky, bulbous, and very dated. Bottleless water coolers have a variety of designs but all of them tend to be sleek and compact. They fit into spaces with a thought towards modern office designs and they can work with various systems already set up in your kitchen or food and drink area of your office.

Water Supply

Bottle water coolers have a finite supply of water. You can see what they have available. While no water supply is limitless, bottleless water coolers pull their water directly from the source, which allows you access to water throughout the day without someone having to change out the bottle for a fresh supply of water. There’s no need to worry when you go up and get water, it’s always there.

Environmentally Friendly

The waste of bottle water coolers is severe. You can see it for yourself. After the water is gone that empty water bottle has to go somewhere and often it’s clogging up landfills or recycling facilities with plastic that is harmful to the environment and almost impossible to mitigate.

Related Questions

What’s the Price Difference?

Bottle water coolers usually have standard rental fee on the cooler itself. In addition to that there is the cost of each bottle of water plus deposits. The actual cost per month fluctuates depending on the amount of water consumed by guests and employees. Bottle-less water cooler rental programs have set fee every month which includes; unlimited water, all filters, and maintenance. In most cases the bottle-less program saves money and provides a far superior end user experience.

What is the Danger of Mold?

Because of the nature of bottle water coolers, there is a high chance for mold buildup or dangers from stagnant water. Bottleless water coolers implement a filtration system that prevents illness from mold or any contaminants in the water, something bottle coolers lack.

Bottleless water coolers are the water option for offices you can depend on. They’re sleek, easy to use, cleaner, and help the environment.

Michigan Clear Water is committed to the environment and a healthy workplace. We can help you pick the perfect water cooler for your office beginning with a Free 7 Day Trial. We service all industries so that having fresh, great tasting, healthy water is attainable in every workplace. Call us today to learn more about our bottleless water cooler services and why so many Michigan Companies are making the switch to go bottleless with Michigan Clear Water.