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We’re in the middle of a battle to save our environment and using plastic water bottles doesn’t help. Most water bottles are made from polyethylene which is incredibly difficult for soil to break down. They’ll clutter the environment for decades, harming animals and releasing toxins into the soil and air as they break down.

There are better and environmentally safer ways to get the healthy amounts of water you need daily, starting with a bottleless water cooler.

Bottling and packaging water is expensive and is where the majority of the production cost–and the purchase cost–of a bottle of water comes from. This may not seem like much, but that results in millions of gallons of fuel used to create a wasteful product. This both wastes fuel and leaves a scar on the environment.

To get a detailed breakdown of how bottled water harms the environment, we’ve outlined some of the major ways the industry impacts the environment and how you can do your part to help.


Over 17 million gallons of oil are devoted to bottling water. This is the fuel cost of keeping plants running, making the assembly line work, and doing the job of getting the water into packaging and shipped out to stores. It’s a huge waste that could be used to power 1.3 million cars or almost 200,000 homes a year instead,

Carbon Dioxide

Carbon dioxide is being released into the air in record amounts. The process to get water bottled contributes 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide into the air each year. This contributes heavily to climate change and the overall trend of global warming as a result of carbon dioxide emissions being bigger than they ever have been in the past.

Environmental Hazards

On their own water bottles are incredibly harmful to wildlife. Over 1 million marine animals are killed each year by water bottles that find their way into the ocean and over 2 million tons in landfills are the result of water bottles. Not to mention the water shortages that can be caused by sourcing water from drought areas.

Related Questions

Do Plastic Bottles Cause Health Risks?

BPA in water bottles and other plastic products can cause reproductive problems and cancer as well as more acute symptoms of dizziness and headaches in certain people. Bottled water also undergoes far less strict testing for microbial life than other types of water.

What’s the Best Solution?

Getting your own reusable water bottle is the best place to start. You’ll also need to pair this with a bottleless water cooler which offers the benefits of clean and controlled water without the harmful effects on the environment.

We need to act now, starting in the workplace to get control of our addiction to water bottles and the stress it puts on the environment. Michigan Clear Water couldn’t make it any easier. We provide premium bottleless water dispensers in the workplace with same and next day water cooler service, beginning with a 7-day Free Trial. We specialize in providing great tasting healthy water with our top rated best in class water purification system and our products are maintained via regular scheduled service visits. Call us today to find out why so many companies are choosing Michigan Clear Water!