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Bottled beverages may be the hot craze but there are still quite a few people that prefer their drink directly from the tap. While at work, if there is no office water cooler, then it’s the sink that; s probably filling your cup. Whichever you decide, safety is paramount, so we’ve put together a few tips for utilizing your built-in supply.

What are some signs that your tap water may not be safe to drink?

Use your four senses; sight, smell, taste, and touch to determine whether your internal plumbing is giving you pristine or poor-quality liquids.

Why isn’t the water in my glass clear?

When you look and the dispensed fluid is clear or cloudy, this is a major indicator of the quality and usability of the liquid coming out of your faucet. If it is cloudy it is best not to ingest it as there may be harmful chemicals present.

Why does my glass of water smell?

This may sound strange but there are times when an odor may be coming off the fluids you get from your plumbing. If this is the case, it is best to avoid consumption as this is a sure sign that there may have been contamination. The smell may not be foul but even a bleach scent can indicate excessive amounts of chlorine which can be quite harmful.

Paying attention to how your water tastes can alert you to any contamination such as metal. It is possible for the metal from pipes and similar distribution materials to leak into your supply which is what causes this “flavor” Even a taste as mild as salt can indicate a potential hazard.

Your sense of touch can also serve you well. If you get a slimy feeling on your hands especially after they have been washed thoroughly with soap. It is best to evaluate the quality of any tap water as it may be high in minerals such as calcium or magnesium.

Related Questions

Will you get sick after ingesting contaminated fluids?

It depends on what the liquid has been contaminated with. Excess minerals such as zinc and magnesium may not have adverse effects initially, however, overexposure to metals and chlorine can negatively affect the body. If contaminants are pathogens you are likely to undergo gastrointestinal discomfort within a few days of consumption.

Can sediment cause ill effects?

Sediment is more of a threat to your pipes than they are to you. They can also cause damage to clothing and appliances by means of staining and corrosion.

Knowing how to identify whether your tap water is a hazard is vital to ensuring your safety and that of your family. Follow these indicators for all sources of drinking water, including the drinking water at your workplace, since you do spend a great amount of time there.

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