Have you ever been there? Where you’re at the office and the water cooler jug is out of water and no one wants the job of replacing it? Or you’re out of water completely and the next time a new jug is going to be delivered is next week? Leaving you and the office out of filtered water. Well, welcome to the future! With a bottleless water cooler you’ll never have to deal with the tediousness of a traditional water cooler. Bottleless coolers are hooked up directly to an existing water line and uses a reverse osmosis filtration system giving access to an unlimited supply of drinking water.

What are the benefits of having a bottleless cooler in your office?

From affordability to sustainability, a water cooler that is bottleless just makes sense.


You’ll save on costs if you switch to bottleless. A bottleless cooler is easily hooked up to your office’s water tap, eliminating the need for a heavy five-gallon jug of water to be delivered to your office to replace the empty one. Bottleless means flat rate pricing that can save you up to 70% when you switch from traditional water coolers. Ultimately, saving on any subscription costs.

Bottleless Means Bottomless

Simple, with a bottleless cooler you’ll have unlimited access to drinking water. No more waiting for the water jug to be replaced so you can have filtered water again. Bottleless comes from a direct tap source in your office, so getting filtered water is on your time.


Did you know that you’re doing the earth a favor by switching to bottleless? Obviously going bottleless means you’re no longer using the plastic water-cooler jug, saving on countless environmentally unfriendly plastic being introduced into the ecosystem. You’ll also be eliminating the need for a delivery truck to bring you a fresh bottle monthly or whenever you run out, meaning you’ll be reducing fuel emissions as well. This plastic-free option will leave you feeling great about your carbon footprint.

Filtered Water at Your Fingertips

Water-coolers gave offices the ability to have readily filtered drinking water available. Filtered water is that free from bacteria and other harmful contaminants that usually is found within tap water. You won’t have to compromise having access to clean drinking water when waiting for a new filtered water jug to show up, a bottleless water cooler has a built-in water filtration system giving access to fresh and good-tasting water whenever wanted.

Space Saving

Bottleless water coolers come in different sizes, aiming to save space wherever you decided to store it. From an open space on the floor for the taller models or the compact version that fits neatly on a counter, there is an option that will fit your workplace needs. Compare that to the often 5, 10, 15, 20 or more 5-gallon jugs cluttering your kitchen or warehouse.

Eliminates Lifting 48 lb. Water Bottles

Loading bottled water onto the water cooler exposes your employees to several risks. A 5-gallon water bottle weighs approximately 48 lbs. To load the bottle, the employee must lift it up, over and onto the water cooler (all while trying not to spill water). This is an awkward task that places strain on the employees back, shoulders, arms, and legs. Another hazard is that employees may slip and fall as a result of spilled water. Reduce the risk of employee injury by going bottle-less.

Eliminates Airborne Contamination

Traditional bottled water coolers air not closed systems. As the bottled water cooler dispenses water to your glass, air enters the 5-gallon bottle. This is visually identified with the glug, glug air bubbles inside the bottle of water. The air bubbles in this visual is air from your immediate surroundings. The air around us contains bacteria, viruses, dust, and debris. This air is now living and breathing inside your lukewarm 5-gallon bottle of water.

Eliminate Cost Increases based on Consumption Increases

The number of bottles of water your company consumes is dependent on many factors including; number of employees, time of year, and some folks just take drinking recommended amount of water more seriously than others. Bottled delivery service charge you per bottle. As your consumption increases, so too does your bill.

One Invoice

The traditional bottled water arrangement calls for a monthly invoice to be reconciled. How does your company keep track of how many bottles were actually delivered and consumed? These invoices can be confusing, cumbersome, and difficult to budget for. One locked invoice from Michigan Clear Water allows for quarterly, semi-annual, or even annual invoicing.

Labor Cost

Depending on the number of water jugs your company consumes every day, an often over-looked cost, is the labor cost to change them. The higher the number of bottles, the higher the cost burden.

Choose Michigan Clear Water

Don’t go thirsty any longer! Send traditional water coolers to the past and enter a more cost-efficient and sustainable future with a bottleless cooler system from Michigan Clear Water. After switching, you’ll wonder why you didn’t switch sooner. Plus, the office will thank you for it.

Michigan Clear Water is committed to the environment and a healthy workplace. We can help you pick the perfect water cooler for your office beginning with a Free 7 Day Trial. We service all industries so that having fresh, great tasting, healthy water is attainable in every workplace. Call us today to learn more about our bottleless water cooler services and why so many Michigan Companies are making the switch to go bottleless with Michigan Clear Water.